Why Plastic Is the New Wood for Your Export Operation

If you are involved in a growing manufacturing businesses, you will always be looking for ways to improve your operation and save money. If you are actively exporting beyond these shores, you'll want to ensure that the materials used for shipment are the best that you can possibly get. Have you considered using plastic pallets to move your goods instead of wooden ones? There are good reasons why this type of pallet has become much more popular recently.

Two types of materials you should recycle after a renovation project

Renovation projects produce a considerable amount of waste materials. In many cases, people simply throw all of these materials into a skip, which is then transported to a landfill, where its contents are thrown onto an ever-growing pile of rubbish. However, there are certain forms of refuse produced by renovation work that can, and should, be recycled. Here are two examples of these types of materials. Scrap metal Provided they have not come into contact with extremely hazardous substances, the vast majority of metals can be re-melted and transformed into new products.

Tips for Successfully Implementing Recycling Programs at Your Commercial Facility

Many commercial facilities create a tremendous amount of waste that could easily be recycled and kept out of landfills, and which would also reduce the need for virgin materials to be harvested. Offices may go through tremendous amounts of paper, cardboard, plastic water bottles, and other such materials that create unnecessary waste. If you want to implement a successful recycling program at your commercial facility, simply putting a few bins next to the trash receptacles may not be enough.