Why Plastic Is the New Wood for Your Export Operation

If you are involved in a growing manufacturing businesses, you will always be looking for ways to improve your operation and save money. If you are actively exporting beyond these shores, you'll want to ensure that the materials used for shipment are the best that you can possibly get. Have you considered using plastic pallets to move your goods instead of wooden ones? There are good reasons why this type of pallet has become much more popular recently. Why should you consider this option?

Hygienic, Clean and Compliant

Plastic is relatively easy to keep clean and free of mould, mildew or bacteria. Unlike wood, this makes them perfect should you be involved in the pharmaceutical or food industries. They're very easy to clean and can be sanitised with little effort. They won't absorb any odours and will repel solvents, acids or fats.

In addition, importers will not be so fussy when it comes to inspecting the plastic pallets upon arrival. They don't need to be heat treated or fumigated before you ship them, as insects will find it very difficult or impossible to make their home within.


Plastic pallets will last a long time and have an average lifespan of more than a decade. They will become a very economical investment for most operations.

Safer and More Lightweight

You will always be looking for safety in the workplace and materials that are easy to handle. After all, injuries could not only be time-consuming but also expensive. When you choose plastic pallets, there are no rusty nails or splinters to create an issue for your staff. In addition, these pallets are considerably lighter than the corresponding wooden version and will be easier to lift.

Their lightweight construction will also help you save on freight costs and handling charges at both ends of the equation. They are also uniform in dimension and much easier to load and store.

Caring for the Environment

If you care about your carbon footprint and reputation, you can claim that you are doing your bit by choosing plastic pallets. You're not contributing to the deforestation issues created by any wood products. Remember also that these materials are fully recyclable when you're finished with them.

Making Your Move

When you consider all the benefits, isn't it about time that you swapped over to plastic as soon as possible? Have a word with your supplier to help you project the numbers and reap the benefits.