Tips for Successfully Implementing Recycling Programs at Your Commercial Facility

Many commercial facilities create a tremendous amount of waste that could easily be recycled and kept out of landfills, and which would also reduce the need for virgin materials to be harvested. Offices may go through tremendous amounts of paper, cardboard, plastic water bottles, and other such materials that create unnecessary waste. If you want to implement a successful recycling program at your commercial facility, simply putting a few bins next to the trash receptacles may not be enough.

Five Super Fun Scrap Metal Projects To Make For Kids

Almost all metals are completely recyclable, but in spite of that fact, Australians recycle less than a third of their steel and about two-thirds of their aluminum cans. If you have old metal, you can take it to a scrap metal facility instead of the landfill, but if you are feeling creative, you can make a project out of it instead. If you have kids, here are five fun scrap metal projects you should explore: